2X Universal 400mm Rear Air Shock Absorbers For Honda Suzuki Yamaha Street Bike (Fits: Yamaha TW200) $137.99. Ohlins Shock R1150RT 2002-2004 Rear. While modern bikes have a factory fit rear shocks, they may not live up to some people’s particular demands or comfort levels. >. Ultra-adjustable Fox Float X2 (metric) and DPX2 rear shock options. In the last 10-15 years, air shocks have become the dominant choice for most production mountain bikes. Let’s recap: (1) Set your race sag at 100mm. Downloads > Bike > Owners manuals > General Rear Shock Manual. Buy Bike Rear Shocks Online with Free Worldwide Shipping Available. My FJR is now back to its best as the old shock had lost all its damping making the bike unstable over bumps. Support your bike with the rear wheel a little off the ground. Most off-the-shelf shocks just come with a medium rebound/medium compression tune (marked with two letters on red/blue background on the seal collar of RockShox or as a four-digit product ID code on Fox) which can be entered onto the help page on their website. It will slow steering because front end is riding high.? As was stated above the bike, regardless of year, uses a proprietary shock length that can't be bought "off the shelf". SPONSORED . Explaining how the most popular designs work, plus their potential advantages or shortcomings With the clicker adjustment set to the fast adjustment. There are two fundamental types of shocks, Air shocks and Coil shocks. The exception to a Fox rear is my most recent bike, which came with a RockShox on it. Many bikes today have both front and rear suspension systems.The suspension lets the wheels move up and down to absorb small bumps while keeping the tires in contact with the ground for better control. Next 10. Any limitations? … We don’t want you to struggle with our bicycle seats! The rear shocks on your bike absorb a great deal of the punishment that the road gives up, whether you’re riding on pavement or dirt - or something else entirely. As a result, our full suspension bikes are designed as a system and every element plays a role in the overall ride quality. This 10 3/8'' shock fits my bike, has a 660lb spring and good dampening, minor modification needed to fit (drill out top bushing slightly) was all and it works perfect. Increasing preload on the spring forces the bike to sit higher in the stroke, and reducing preload lets the shock ride lower in the stroke. Turn it counterclockwise to make it looser. How To Lower Suspension On A Dirt Bike NEW Rockshox Rear Shock Deluxe Select Mountain Bike Bicycle Debon Air 190x45mm USD 129.9 SPEC. The ride can be dramatically improved with an upgraded shock, … These are essentially rubber bands that reduce the volume of air inside the air can, making the shock more plush at the start of the stroke and ramp up more at the end. If you want to try a coil shock on your enduro bike, the Bomber CR offers excellent and reliable performance at a great price. The Elka Stage 2 shock is custom built and tuned to the exact rider and machine specifications for out of the box custom suspension performance. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Why is Jordi smiling? Shock came well wrapped and adjusted to the proper hight. Shock went in with a little manuvering and worked great so far. Motocross bikes come with a 19″ rear wheel, but some off-road/enduro trail bikes have an 18″ rear wheel. The 2 major types of mountain bike shocks are coil and air sprung. And, how do you install it on your rear shock? The important thing to remember before buying the cargo carrier is to note it might not work with a bike that has rear shocks. Preloading the spring too much (beyond 2mm) will cancel out some of the coil’s supple small bump qualities, and in the case of a rear shock, it will raise the back of the bike slightly — altering the geometry. With long a wheelbase and very slack angles the rear shock also needs to keeps the bike’s poise and sit well with the chosen fork up front. The DNM DV22AR rear shocks is an affordable model that fits many mountain bikes. Not too many years ago a rear air shock on a DH bike was a rare sight but now they are getting popular. Cane Creek Dbair Il Rear Shock. We recommend the Rockshox Super Deluxe, Deluxe, Fox DPX2, Fox Float DPS. rear hub width and type, braze-on vs clamp on front derailleur attachment points, etc) in order to determine what groupsets are compatible with it? Worldwide Cyclery also has rear shock service kits, rear shock volume spacers, rear shock mounting hardware and accessories like the Rockshox MegNeg air can.With all mountain bike components, there are different sized MTB rear shocks that will fit your bike. The frame is designed around a standard sized air can volume and we typically run light to medium valving on the compression side (depending on rider weight) and light rebound damping. have you got a cr500 ? Once the air sleeve reaches the threads simply turn it clockwise to tighten it back up. And, how do you install it on your rear shock? Cane Creek Seal kit, AD-5 rear shock 4.4 out of 5 stars 49. Our engineers and product managers spend a lot of time working with equipment partners to ensure each of our full-suspension models come equipped with the perfect tune. Custom linkages/shocks; My journey into understanding and adjusting bike geometry began in earnest over two decades ago. July 14, 2020 Lennard Zinn. I want to change my rear shock. For most people that's enough to ensure your fork/shock … On my shock pump, there’s a little button so I can let very small increments of air out. 449,- €. So, we think it should be easy to mount an Urban Iki bicycle seat on your bike. RockShox is arguably still the most prevalent of all the suspension brands. I have the 165mm DNM rear shock in my bike since i have a fatter tire (4.8”) in the front. Just thinking out loud here…. The rebound adjustment is also a great option to have . Upgraded the rear warning light ( Don Pergrino B2-110 Lumens bike light ) 16. Simply measure the exposed shaft. With rear shocks, pay special attention to the eye-to-eye length, the width of the end bushings and the body. They are named by the type of spring used. Most post vintage bikes run dual springs as well. (3) If it sags more than 40mm, go to the next softest shock spring. and ride the bike on pavement 90% all the time. This is like asking a dentist how often you should brush your teeth. Once you are familiar with the settings on your suspension, you can quickly and easily adjust them to suit different terrain. 165 x 40 mm 165 x 45 mm 185 x 50 mm 185 x 55 mm 205 x 60 mm 205 x 65 mm. More Info. Has anyone ever painted a rear shock spring? Pitbike MX Shock 285mm - 980LB Spring. Great improved to the overall feel of the ride. If you are riding an ebike, you should add the extra weight of battery and motor to your rider weight, typically 5-7kgs Cane Creek and Ohlins springs will generally fit all shock brands (including Fox) with the exception of RockShox. Selecting the Perfect Set of Shocks – Stock shocks are built as one-size-fits-all. 400mm Motorcycle Suspension Kits Shocks Struts For Honda Yamaha Suzuki -Gold (Fits: Yamaha TW200) 1 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 400mm Motorcycle Suspension Kits Shocks Struts For Honda Yamaha Suzuki … Mountain bikes are made differently depending on the brand and overall makeup of the bike. How do you measure mounting hardware and find out what size you need for your bike? In this blog, we explain MTB rear shock mounting hardware so all mountain bikers can understand what the heck it is! John RD222 Twin Shocks. R6 shock (Does not raise the bike and has the most adjustability) GSXR750 shock (Raises the bike and requires modifying the shock and linkage to install. whether or not this is a worthy upgrade depends on where and how you ride: most bikes … Showing 1-10 of 18 [May 25, 2021] johnsjvi95. Pitbike MX Shock 300mm - 980LB Spring. I'm waiting for my LBS to phone to tell me they've finished fitting a Fox Float RP2 on my 2009 FSR XC. On a full suspension mountain bike there is, of course, not only a front fork but also a rear shock. When rear end packs in, … Win Allen from Win's Wheels goes over the proper technique to service your shock. In good weather, items can be strapped directly to the rack without a cover. The result was much better than the rear shock, but it required some innovation. Gsxr 1000 - will fit depending on year, K1 - 4 are too long, they are 25mm shorter than earlier ones, all you need is 4 washers and a stanley knife. Bike repair basics: Maintain your rear shock. $950.00. 9. Battery tray needs 10mm trimming off. Ohlins Shock R1150GS Adventure 2002-2005 Rear. The ramp up issue with the 7.875x2.25" (200x57mm) shock size, explains my lack of reaching bottom out on my current bike with that size shock. Design: Quick release ; Compatible With: Disc and V-Brake bikes; Dimension: Top Shelf 22 x 5.7-inches and the panel has a length of 14 x 6-inches; Included: Bike rear rack and mounting … The goal was simple: make the bike slacker and lower, and at the same time add some much needed progression to the coil-sprung suspension. Cane Creek Seal kit, AD-5 rear shock 4.4 out of 5 stars 49. Float X2/ DHX2 and Marzocchi Bomber CR shocks now in stock!! I initially attempted to increase the size and replace it with a DNM-AOY-38RC gas shock, which is a lockable and adjustable. (3) If it sags more than 40mm, go to the next softest shock spring. Works claims to have applications for most dual-shock American, European and Japanese street bikes dating back to the 1950s! Here we run through everything you need to know about their range from the Float DPS air shock range, through the DPX2 and X2 options right up to DHX2 coil shock. Choosing a rear shock for a new bike built from scratch can be a hit or miss. Most manufacturers spec their bikes with shock tuned specifically for a particular frame’s kinematics.When buying something on your own, you have to make sure that the stock tune fits with your frame or else you’ll have to get a custom tune to get the best performance. For example, you may know the clicker positions for when you ride in the sand dunes. As you choose the rear shocks to use on your bike, your safety should come first. When it comes to shock stroke, which measures the total distance the shock compresses from fully extended to fully compressed, it depends on the type of shock you have. Click to expand... do you have a picture ... Im thinking of going with Storia for my rail... S. smuts New Member. The Harley Davidson street glide, in particular, is a vehicle that massively benefits from high-quality rear shocks. But, what is mounting hardware? September 2017. Both the front and rear suspension systems contain two essential elements: a spring and a damper. I’ve been running my sag at about 20%, despite Santa Cruz recommending running 28-33% sag. What Bike Rack Fits My Car? 1 2. How do I determine how much sag is right for me? Shock spacer dimensions are 22mm wide front and 36mm wide rear. It was named after Penton’s most famous model, colored blue and had John Penton’s signature on the front fender. Here’s a tip – When you lower the bike with 11” shocks, some aftermarket pipes might touch if you encounter a steep curb or transition while leaning aggressively. Eye-to-eye length is the distance between the two mounting points on the shock, or the rear shock … Types of Bike Racks Rear Rack. Vote. I am 218 lbs. This shock retails for $1295.95 - $1415.95 depending on the model of bike and is the top tier coil spring shock we offer. I'm considering getting a spare rear shock for my Tallboy3 -- I haven't had my rear shock serviced and don't want downtime when I ship my shock … Press J to jump to the feed. Support . Has rebound and compression adjustability) YSS GS500 shock (Aftermarket replacement for the stock shock and adds ability to … You can try re-inflating the shock if it is a low pressure, high volume model … I’ve had no problems with the wires pinching or fraying. This shock offers rebound adjustment much like the REVO-A, but in addition to rebound adjustment, you also gain compression adjustment with this shock which allows you to stiffen or soften the ride. If you are not sure what shock fits your bike contact our customer service team. $35.88 #18. How do you measure mounting hardware and find out what size you need for your bike? Any different stroke length will either reduce travel, or if risk damaging your frame if the travel is too long. Bought a couple of rear shocks for my XV1100 Virago and was very pleased with the price, quality and speed of delivery. Refit the shock to the bike, and then carefully push down on the back of the bike to compress the shock. Rear Shocks 1 DNM - CRF110 Rear Shock 2013-2018 and KLX110L (350lbs) Model: WHS-9128. 2 TRIAIR Built-in length Lower eyelet Damper body Reservoir valve cap Air canister Upper eyelet Rebound adjust knob 3 steps compression adjust knob Air valve Reservoir Built-in length Upper eyelet Compression adjust knob Rebound adjust knob Lower eyelet Air valve Damper body Air canister EDGE-TT. The Aztec Stainless Steel (about $11) is a basic option that should serve as a … The man looked surprised to hear that I’ve taken each of my bikes on multi-day adventures. Determine the "sag" of your bike's suspension system before you adjust it. May 3, 2020 10 3 Switzerland Ride Trek Rail 9.8 Aug 26, 2020 #79 PSA: Cane Creek Double Barrels are a no-go as well due to piggyback size. Forks: 15-20 percent sag. Obviously, if you want the … DRZ shock springs are not in the weight range for a Dr. 650. REAR SHOCK SETUP. I'll talk to my local store and see if I can get a free ride on an air shock before, honestly I like how coil feels on the ground for the rear suspension but I'm not sure if I could get any good coil shock for that eye to eye measurement. Speaking generally, what things do you need to check about your bike (e.g. Before changing could get two bikes and extras - pumps etc.- into a honda civic, which is reasonably small. But there are other sources, such as E shock or custom. I definitely suggest trying factory KZ440 shocks for the rear of your CT110, in conjunction with Gizmo's front springs. SHOCK STROKE On a coil shock, you measure the stroke of the shaft from the outside. Cane Creek Double Barrel Air IL at a Glance: Spring: Air spring. Excellent, friendly service. There is no better shock for your mini than the Elka! or Best Offer. Metal springs for coil rear shocks – as opposed to air-sprung suspension units – are replaceable in order to upgrade (e.g. Motorcycle rear shock lengths. Price: $18.99. Recommended Sag = 30%/15mm. Overhaul the air can every 40 hours of ride time to ensure it is cleaned, lubed, and properly sealed and inflated. Worked well. Most suspension manufacturers recommend having your components serviced once a year, minimum. Any limitations? RockShox springs will not fit other shock brands. 10) Rear dual shock springs of all years are discussed in terms of length, inside diameter, spring rate (but how would you know this), wire diameter, coil count, progressive or single rate. $27.88 $ 27. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Feb 23, 2007 880 0 Tacoma, WA. But, like the front forks, changes should be made one at a time to gain an accurate understanding of how they affect the bike. Was: $149.99. If the shock body retracts into the air sleeve near bottom-out after the air is slowly released from the positive chamber, attach a FOX high pressure pump and pressurize the shock to 250 psi/ 17 bar). The Beargrease Carbon is also designed around a rear thru-axle hub, so a 170mm hub plus the 3.5mm extension on each side comes out to 177mm in total with. … If you less than 25%, let some air out. RockShox Monarch RL Rear Shock 7.50"x2.00" (190x51) TuneMidReb/MidComp, 430 Lockout Force, C2, Black … They are great for vintage bikes or baggers where the chrome will … Aztec Stainless Steel. Clever! It dramatically improves performance and ride quality for those of us in the 200lb+ club. The sag is how much the suspension will drop down from your weight alone. I want to change my rear shock. Most bikes in the 140-160mm travel range are compatible with piggyback air shocks. ShockWears Shock Cover for Pit Bikes… Rear shocks are used on mountain bikes that have full suspension systems. Step 4: Measure sag (from o-ring to seal of shock), If it does not match the bike’s recommended sag in millimeters repeat process. The Megatower was built to be compatible with all shocks on the market, that we're aware of. RockShox. The rear shock which is an HLT-100 rated at 750lbs is starting to sag on my bike. Expectations: More sag: Less experienced rider or take it easy on descents. Log In Sign Up. Rear end will pack in, forcing the bike wide in corners, due to rear squat. More Info. I have a 2010 Specialized Tricross. This fitted mine spot on. Tallboy 3 replacement rear shock. the linkages on the rear suspension are shot as well so if I could find out if any of the cr250 linkages are the same and hope that someone could tell me if the shock off a 04 crf450 could fit , that would sort my dilema out. Vote. A rack provides a stable framework to hold gear on your bicycle. You might also like: Best Roof Rack. The Hightower fits most shocks on the market, with some exceptions. This is the shock off my 1999 Kawasaki ZX-6R – the reservoir poking out of the body is a sure indicator that it can be serviced. Air sprung: Air sprung mountain bike shocks are lighter than coil shocks and … This sortable tables helps users determine what length stock shocks are being used on a variety of motorcycles. >>> Mountain bike geometry … I dont think i have a problem, but then again im not a racer/expert. Check on the archives on the Specialized site to find the specs for the bike which will tell you the shock length and stroke. Th3InfamousI said: Yep, I don't think there's another option then stock air ride for the 05+ is just one air shock and one normal one. Posted by 5 minutes ago. This is … Choosing a rear shock for a new bike built from scratch can be a hit or miss. Rear shock loses pressure. Click on the dirtbike helmet icon for a quick email/call or text-back response to any question you may have. Measure the sag based on the distance of the O-Ring from the base. All depends on what suits your personal needs. The rear shock sits under the rider usually somewhere between the front and rear triangles. … If your shock doesn’t have a very visible coil spring wrapped round it, it is most likely an air shock. Only RockShox springs will fit RockShox shocks. Flow Trail . A blog about bicycle repair and maintenance by the mechanics at Freewheel Bike. One of the standout features is its weight of 0.44 lbs which is among the lightest that you’ll find. Is a Rear-Lockout System on a Mountain Bike Useful? Changing your rear shock spring enables your suspension to tuned for factors including your own weight, your chosen riding discipline and the suspension design of your bike. FOX products should be installed by a qualified bicycle service technician, in accordance with FOX installation specifications. Price: $109.99. It also allows me to have a little more air in the tires on the rocky trails. It is important to understand that your rear shock size on your full suspension mountain bike is not measured by the amount of rear wheel travel, but by the eye-to-eye length, and the stroke length. Really it’s no different … Should I ride in High or Low setting? If you want to make the suspension tighter you’ll have to turn it clockwise. That means the smaller shaft that slides into the main body of the shock… Do you want to make sure the Urban Iki rear seat fits your bike? The Mach 429SL shock uses M8 through-bolt hardware on both the front and rear. Sep 24, 2004 10,456 8 wine … #Repost @matt_robinson1980 ・・・ Now I've finally got my GT Sensor back and while putting my upgrades back on I've decided to upgrade my rear shock to the Fox Float RP23 and after a good recomendation from @brendanberry1 I decided to add the offset bushes from @offsetbushings great company with awesome communication which ment I got the right bushes first time. I elaborated about my bikes and the endeavors they’ve had. You can even run a 2.75" or 3.0" if it fits your shock body, but this increases the overall spring length and you may have trouble physically fitting it into the shock if it's too long. Air shocks are reliable, simple, and great for the majority of applications. Long-and-low geometry for a confident, stable stance Short, 431mm (16.96”) chainstays make easy work of the tightest trails . Here’s how you adjust the rear shock on a dirt bike: High-speed compression adjuster: Grab a wrench and look for the bigger nut on your adjuster. Shock: Too Much Rebound. Adjustable geometry with a flip-chip upper link mount and lower headset cup. Mountain bikes with rear thru-axles use a 142mm wide rear hub, which is simply a 135mm hub with 3.5mm extensions on either side to interface with the frame. 3 RAIDON Lower … Usually, the rear shock of a Dual Suspension is partly compressed if the rider sits on the bike (SAG). It was on an old DR 350 and I did not want to spend much rebuilding the shock. FREE Shipping by Amazon. It also helps the rider and bike absorb large shocks when landing jumps. Changed rear shock from HLT-100 to DNM-AO6 adjustable gas shock Whew. Lest you think that lighter riders would be happy with the stock shock, be aware that my old buddy Tom bought a new CRF 230 and was griping about the rear suspension. United Kingdom; United States; Europe; Rest of the World; 0. Mount Kits and Bushings for Rear Shocks - TF Tuned are experts in mountain bike and bicycle suspension service and repair, including setting-up the for you and your bike . FYI, the … Will be back for more. He weighs about 150. It’s important that these shocks be the absolute best and kept in the best condition. The rear shocks that come factory-installed are the shocks that we test and approve for use.